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Legal System According to the pre-war law on courts, the court system of Kosovo consists of 23 municipal courts, five district courts, one commercial court and the Supreme Court.

Businesses in Kosovo

The provisions regarding business organizations in Kosovo are contained in the new Law on Businesses promulgated in May 2008 which has replaced the UNMIK Regulation 2001/6 (On Business Organizations).

Business organizations may be run as:
  • a personal business enterprise (i.e. individual entrepreneur)
  • a general partnership
  • a limited partnership
  • a foreign business organization
  • a limited liability company or
  • a joint stock company.

A corporation may either be a limited liability company or a joint stock company

As a prerequisite for the foundation of the company is a written agreement, i.e. founders statement and a charter. The later must contain among others:
  • Name, seat, and activity of the Company
  • Names and addresses of founders, directors, their ID numbers
  • Share capital (min. 1,000.00 € for limited liability companies)
  • Shareholders and shareholders register
  • Bodies and representation of the company
  • Liquidation of the Company
  • Changes and supplements to the charter
The following documents need to be attached to the application form:
  • photocopies of the Ids/foreign passports of the director and shareholders
  • a lease agreement for the premises or evidence of ownership via the cadastre.
  • a notarized copy of the charter of the foreign company in case of foundation of a local LLC or a subsidiary by a foreign legal person.
  • a notarized copy and certified translation of the foreign shareholders business registry extract

Foreign natural and legal persons may establish a so called foreign business organization. Such an organization, as defined in the Law on Business Organizations, may engage in business activity in Kosovo to the same extent as a Kosovon business organization, but only if it first registers with the Registry as a Foreign Business Organization and complies with the requirements applicable legal provisions. A foreign business organization shall be subject to the registration and other requirements if it, or any agent, employee or representative acting on its behalf, engages in any type of business activity in Kosovo.

As a limited exception to paragraph 1 of this Article, a foreign business organization shall not be required to register as a Foreign Business Organization if its business activities are exclusively limited to:

a) Exporting to Kosovo products or services that are imported into Kosovo by a consumer or purchaser established or residing in Kosovo;

b) Submitting from a territory outside Kosovo to a potential purchaser or consumer in Kosovo an offer to sell, provide or produce goods, services or works.

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