Albert Islami - Avokatia
We provide The Law Office Albert Islami offers services in the following practice areas: Corporate and Commercial; Legal Due diligence; Litigation & Arbitration; an many Other Areas; If You have any questions please contact us at info@avokatia.eu.

Corporate And Commercial

Establishment of companies, branches and representative offices; Registration of the company with the Kosovo Agency of Registration of Businesses; Procedures for the issuance of VAT, trade and customs licenses; Company restructuring, transformation and liquidation. Read More

Legal Due diligence

Albert Islami Law Office have gained extensive experience in the field of legal audits and legal due diligences, such as the compliance of specific transactions with the applicable laws in Kosovo, company structure, operation and liabilities; status of commercial licenses, status of assets, status of investment financing, etc Read More

Litigation & Arbitration

Comprehensive legal services in civil proceedings issues are being provided. We focus on commercial and corporate law issues and other litigation procedures related to business activities such as tax issues, administrative law issues, proceedings in front of regulatory authorities etc. Read More

Other Areas

Comprehensive legal services in many other areas such as: Law of inheritance; Family law; Enforcement law; Tax Law... Read More