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Kosovo Assembly (Parliament)
The work of the legislative body of Kosovo is transparent. Therefore, in this website You will be able to find information regarding the MPs as well as the work, the laws in process, news regarding the activities of the President of the Assembly, of the presidency, committees, parliamentary groups as well as the calendar of events. You will also be able to find important resolutions, declarations and regulations of the Assembly of Kosovo.

Ministry of Finance and Economy
The Ministry of Finance and Economy is responsible for the coordination and financial management of the Kosovo Budget. Basic functions of the Ministry include: --Development and implementation of fiscal policies and administrative systems.

Euro Info Correspondence Center
EICC Kosovo act as an interface between European institutions and companies operating at local level.
EICC Kosovo is within Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, close to enterprises in order to help them gain easier access to the opportunities presented by Europe and to prepare them for crucial milestones such are electronic commerce, integration in Region and EU etc.

Privatisation Agency of Kosovo (PAK)
The PAK has been established to preserve or enhance the value, viability, and corporate governance of socially owned and public enterprises in Kosovo. For Socially Owned Enterprises (SOE) the PAK initiates ‘Spin-offs’ and Liquidation, its preferred procedures for privatisation. The law establishing the PAK was promulgated on 21st of May 2008 and is linked to this website.

Kosovo Public Prosecutors Association
The KPPA is committed to the view that the key element in fostering respect for the rule of law must come from the people of Kosovo themselves, and that increasing the transparency and reliability of prosecutions and prosecutors will go far in gaining the public's trust. In the end, Kosovors must themselves provide the demand for justice -- a demand made fairly and equally on behalf of all who call Kosovo home, without reference to their power, position, or ethnicity.